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A tradition of fast gaining, easy keeping, extremely gentle cattle!

Christina and Hailey are not your typical “farm-hers”. We are a wealth of information, ever filling with as much information as flows out. PASSION is something we live and breath.british white cattle

The generations before us took land stewardship and sustainable farming to heart before they were buzzwords. Ensuring the next generation evolves at an even more accelerated rate. PASSION is taking what we know into practice.

Christina was raised on a 3 generation dairy farm and had an inner calling to white cattle. Finding the British Whites over 2 decades ago, everything made perfect sense. PASSION is doing what we LOVE!

Hailey has the knack for the horses and poultry as well as an eye for cattle! Her horses are the perfect all around ranch horse, that you can do anything with. Anything but common! By far the best chicken wrangler, Hailey uses her ability to catch a calf at a full run on foot, or to catch wayward birds that sneak out of the protection of their pastures. Hailey has a charisma that draws everyone to her in awe. She has the biggest heart and has been called to ranching from a very young age.

If you ask Christina, she’ll tell you, ‘As Hailey’s mom, I have had more near heart attacks finding Hailey in the steer lot, or in a pen of freshening mama cows at a very early age. There’s never been a day of keeping her away from animals. It’s definitely something in our blood!’

The facts:

  • We’re REAL people! I’ll tell you like it is!
  • I run this herd as a business, raising pets doesn’t suit me.
  • I have favorites!
  • I know what my cattle can do for you!

While this page is about me, and us, it’s really your window into my world. My world is my family and my livestock. My extended family (families of members of our herd).british white cattle

If you are reading here to find a reason to consider purchasing stock from our herd, let this be your reason: I have been doing this for over 20 years. It’s my business, not a hobby.

I have continuously worked to educate myself and bring to the forefront the best of the best. When YOU are looking to start out, or add to your herd, would you rather shop at the discount barn or the rancher who stands behind their stock?

If what I offer belongs in the freezer, that’s where it will be. I have a business for that too! I’m not in business to only make money, at whatever the cost.

I’m in business to make a business with Hailey, and a family she may have in the future. I’m in business to teach my grandkids the values of hard work, and the rewards of that work. Teaching values I feel are important to our ability to make a difference.

My motto: “Leader’s don’t force people to follow, they invite them on the journey.” ~Charles S. Lauer

I was born to be a leader, and that puts me in a position where I find many challenges. We can all do what the status quo does, and that’s perfectly ok!

For the bold, and the ones who are tired of stupid and crazy cows, please come see me. There ARE cattle that will help you feel as fulfilled as we do and I will help you along the way!


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