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British White Cattle for Sale


Tired of poor mothers?    Have you graduated from cattle that just don’t aclamate to your climate?

These are a few traits that drive people to Rolling Hills Cattle Company.

In addition to selling meat from our farm, we almost always have superior cattle and semen for sale. Our inventory changes frequently, but below is our current status.

  • Our focus is to not have the cheapest cattle on the market. Those are abundant, and I don’t feel we need to produce more of them.
  • We offer quality cattle priced reflective of their genetic value and ability to quickly repay you for your investment.
  • females available as of December 1, 2021
  • Commercial British White weanling heifers 
  • 6 yearling heifers available. Registered $3-5000/ head. Exposed to JWest Little Elvis and some to Ballantyne Rumble
  • Bulls… 2020 born bulls, We have several really exceptional looking ones to choose from.
  • Cow/ calf pairs.  $4000-6000 all registered
  • Black haired British Whites, Limited supply.
  • Genetics for quality grade and marbling. 94%+ choice and prime average ON GRASS, no supplements!
  • commercial cow calf pairs. call to see what’s on hand.

Please contact us via email or phone 320-293-2995 to set an appointment for viewing.

* Remember, our cattle are GUARANTEED! We stand behind the females and bulls we produce. I hope all of the sellers you work with are the same way!

British White Cattle 2023 Production Sale

Early Planning is in the works for a 2023 Production Sale! 

Get on our EMAIL list to be sure you get all the details! We know that the drought won’t last forever. And we know that quality cattle will be a big part of the future! We want to give everyone an opportunity to get an animal or 2. 

A few things we have decided,

Minimums will be included on all animals. All sales absolute that are above the minimum bid. This is a much more common practice now days.  

Online shopping option!

Trucking to all parts of the country. We will have a list of haulers who will bring your purchases closer to you. Sharing the cost will definitely help you if you can’t attend in person.

Working-clothes cattle. We will NOT be show fitting and show feeding our cattle prior to the event. While show feeding is common practice on many sales, that’s not how I roll.

Sale Date is not yet determined. We are planning for a spring sale that does not interfere with other breeder’s event sales. You may want to start planning and budgeting if you’re thinking about buying females or bulls. 

Some may be halter trained. Our cattle are quite gentle and easy to train at any age.

We will include a “hold-em-till May 1” option. 

We will have something for everyone! Cows, Heifers, weaned calves, bulls, steer projects. Many color patterns which are all normal for the breed, Frame 3,4,or 5 sizes.

Click link to visit semen sales page.


Would you like to purchase a flush of one or more of our cows? 

It’s something to think about. Start off with cows you have, place embryos from my cows in yours. You instantly have the best genetics the first generation. 

YEARLINGS  Call for availability

Standard Marked, Under marked, Over Marked, Solid Black 

British Whites come in all these colors, and ours do too. 

Prices: Call for info

All BWCAA registered. We take care of the transfers too!

BRED 2 YEAR OLDS  October-April

Yes, some breeders breed yearlings, but we like to see our teenager heifers grow that extra year, to become long term cows. Heifers allowed to grow that extra year tend to producer bigger calves for more years than others. 

Prices: Call for info

Picture at right: This animals is noted as an UNDERMARKED female.

PAIRS/ 3 in 1’s   Call for availability 

Available after October 20

Breeding season August 1- Oct 1

Weaning in February annually


Young Prospect bulls, yearlings, 2 year olds, transfering herdsires. If they don’t meet my very strict standards they won’t be a bull for me or anyone else! Period

Prices: Typically 2800-6000

Picture at right: NT Sundancer 107Y at age 5


Get included in our 2023 production sale list here!