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British White Cattle For Sale

British White Cattle for Sale


Tired of poor mothers?    Have you graduated from cattle that just don’t aclamate to your climate?

These are a few traits that drive people to Rolling Hills Cattle Company.

In addition to selling meat from our farm, we almost always have superior cattle and semen for sale. Our inventory changes frequently, but below is our current status.

  • Our focus is to not have the cheapest cattle on the market. Those are abundant, and I don’t feel we need to produce more of them.
  • We offer quality cattle priced reflective of their genetic value.
  • females available as of July 1, 2020
  • Commercial British White bred heifers 
  • 6 yearling heifers available. Registered $2000-2350/ head. (Not exposed to bull)
  • Bulls… sold out. Please get on our waiting list for a 2020 bull. 
  • Cow/ calf pairs.  $3600-5000 all registered
  • Black haired British Whites, Limited supply. $2600-3000 per cow/calf pair (many have white calf at side)
  • Genetics for quality grade and marbling. 94%+ choice and prime average ON GRASS!
  • Volume groups sold out. 

Please contact us via email or phone 320-293-2995 to set an appointment for viewing.

Click link to visit semen sales page.


Dam of 2018 Supreme Champion NT Suria

NT Bailey Donor cow

Sire: your choice of our herd sires

Recip+ calf at side, and in calf with your ET offspring

$5000 for ET bull calf family

$6000 per ET Heifer calf family

Top 1% of our herd. (other females available)

Recip cows are young to middle age, with 2020 calf at side. 

Bloodlines: Bailey is sired by NT Pepermint, by Halliburton Royalty. On the dam side, goes back to B&B Bonanza, B&B Leggacy, Progress

YEARLINGS  Call for availability

Standard Marked, Under marked, Over Marked, Solid Black 

British Whites come in all these colors, and ours do too. 

Prices: Call for info

All BWCAA registered. We take care of the transfers too!

BRED 2 YEAR OLDS  October-April

Yes, some breeders breed yearlings, but we like to see our teenager heifers grow that extra year, to become long term cows. Heifers allowed to grow that extra year tend to producer bigger calves for more years than others. 

Prices: Call for info

Picture at right: This animals is noted as an UNDERMARKED female.

PAIRS/ 3 in 1’s   Call for availability 

Available after October 20

Breeding season August 1- Oct 1

Weaning in February annually


Stay up to date on availability of superior British White cattle genetics.