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British White Cattle For Sale

British White Cattle for Sale

In addition to selling meat from our farm, we almost always have superior cattle and semen for sale. Our inventory changes frequently, but below is our current status.

  • Our focus is to not have the cheapest cattle on the market. We offer quality cattle priced reflective of their genetic value.
  • 50 head available as of July 15, 2019
  • Commercial British White pairs, 2 available.  
  • 20 yearling heifers available. Without papers $1,850/ head. With papers $2,000-2500/ head on choice.
  • Yearling bulls. 2 now available.  all registered, contact for individual pedigrees.
  • Cow/calf pairs $2750-3400 all registered, check for availability
  • Black haired British Whites, Limited supply.
  • Mature herd bulls, check for availability. All registered. These are structurally and productively top end only.
  • Volume groups available by the truck load.

Please contact us via email or phone for current availability.

British White Semen for Sale

Please contact us via email or phone for current availability.

NT Sundancer 107Z

  • Sire NT Excel
  • Dam NT Lorali
  • $25/ straw
  • BWCAA Reg #15731
  • BW  74
  • Average: Heifer wt 72 lbs
  • Bull calf wt 80 lbs
  • Excellent to reduce frame size on large frame cows. Produces LARGE REA offspring.

Alabama 476-7107-19L-TR

  • Pasture name: (Komando)

  • Sire Alabama Huck 12W

  • Dam AC Regis Bit O Honey

  • $12.50/ straw

  • BWCAA Reg # 16184

  • BW 67

  • Average: Heifer wt 65 lbs

  • Bull calf wt 69 lbs

  • Embryos available by this sire. Good for use on heifers. limited supply of semen.

Aurora Congo

  • Sire Halliburton Krackle

  • Dam Aurora Tina

  • $12.50/ straw

  • BWCAA Reg # 12893

  • BW 78

  • Average: Heifer wt 68 lbs

  • Bull calf wt 71 lbs

  • Don’t overlook this bull. He is big, powerful, and makes feminine females too. Can be used on heifers.

2017 Non-registered purebred heifers

  • Sires NT Speckl-D, Bluestem Zachary, + more

  • Dam NT cows in our herd

  • $1700-2000


  • BW 64-74

  • NOT exposed to bulls, bull breeding beginning Aug 1

  • Produced from all purebred stock.

  • Frame size 3-4 (42-52″ tall at maturity)
  • Many ideal for crossing with Dexter, Waygu, Lowline, or Mini breeds.

Waiting List for Bulls

To be added to our waiting list for top end bulls, submit your name and address, as well as phone number with $500 reserve.

You will be asked to tell us more about your desired bull traits. If you have minimal experience in mating your cow herd please request a consultation and we will galdly assess your females and be able to recommend a bull that will improve your herd in the direction you wish to go.

We will give you a written guarantee you will get your bull in March after weaning. Our seller’s guarantee applies to your new bull.

Cost: each bull will be priced at $2500 each. Your reserve will be deducted from the price, balance due on March 1 when bulls are released.

Additional Information:

Since our bulls are born May or June, you may consider to wait to use your bull until the following year, or lightly use him his first year after August 1.

If we develop the bull until he is 2 we charge $3/ day for that service.

Bulls are developed on pasture, without grains, under our certified grassfed program.

We limit reserved bulls to 5 per year, which is the top 10% of our bull calf crop.

RH Snowman

  • Sire Halliburton Rocky NC71
  • Dam LR RH Sugarae
  • $20/ straw

  • BWCAA Reg # 7790

  • BW 72

  • Average: Heifer wt 70 lbs

  • Bull calf wt 72 lbs

  • Great heifer bull. He had naturally bred a lot of cows also.

NT Ambassador 101Y

  • Sire Cave Creek Top Notch
  • Dam NT Jolee
  • $20/ straw
  • BWCAA Reg # 14475
  • BW 67
  • Average: Heifer wt 72 lbs
  • Bull calf wt 78 lbs
  • Need to add a frame size, or some thickness and power to your females, consider Ambassador.

NT Bon Ashton

  • Sire NT Bonus Progress
  • Dam NT Alise
  • $xx/ straw (semen collection is scheduled for October 2019)
  • BWCAA Reg # 
  • BW 74
  • Average: Heifer wt 72 lbs
  • Bull calf wt 74 lbs
  • Previously used as an outcross bull in a Charolais herd, his influence of meat quality had feed yard buyers begging for more. His calves on Charolais heifers started out 72-74 lbs and weaned at 680+ consistently, with no creep. 


  • Shipped semen sells in 5 straw lots. Pick up on farm can be single straws.
  • Shipping is arranged thru Hawkeye Breeders Service  Adel,  Iowa.
  • Semen must be paid in full prior to being released. Credit cards accepted.


  • #1 embryos available. Prices based on pairing.
  • American Fullbloods (Speckles/ Komando)
  • Purebreds Contact us for availability
  • To purchase a flush to a female, make your request by May 1. All flushes must be completed between May and Aug 1.  

BRED Heifers

  • Sires of calves: Diamond Wreath Blue Cash, NT Speckl-D
  • BWCAA PUREBREDS with registrations.

    2018 Registered Heifers

    • Show Prospects, and sound herd builder females
    • BWCAA PUREBREDS with registrations.
    • $2000
    • May-July born. 
    • BW 62-74
    • Future calves will qualify for registration.
    • We often do not breed yearlings, we like them a little more mature at first breeding, they make better cown long term.
    • Bred for longevity and performance
    • Standard to over marked available. 

    First class British Whites

    • Straight out of our top 25% of our cow herd
    • BWCAA PUREBREDS with registrations.
    • $6000-10000
    • all ages
    • BW 62-74
    • Calves will qualify for registration.
    • Ideal for starting a superior herd, or adding new bloodlines to your top end herd
    • Waiting List may apply. Check for availability.


    Stay up to date on availability of superior British White cattle genetics.