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British White FEMALES Available

British White FEMALES Available

We rely on our females as the base of our herd. Getting females from out of your area allows you to buy unrelated bulls locally. We send females to all corners of the USA. Our females have been adapted to have heat and cold tolerance, as well as more natural fly resistence.  We expect our females to calve on pasture without assistance. We also expect them to protect their calf from predators, at the same time recognize humans as a safe part of the herd. We emphasize correctness from nose to tail. We are sticklers on WIDE frames, for added muscle ability and easy keeping/ fleshing.

Please contact us via email or phone to purchase.

 NOTE: all photos are raw, unedited, and cattle in their natural working hide. We don’t show fit our cattle for photographing. What you see is what you get.

Black hair British Whites

Our cows don’t discriminate, why should we? 

about 20% of British Whites come overmarked. While Black hair tends to follow certain bloodlines, breed them to your bull and you may be pleasantly surprized at the consistent standard marked calves you get. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a true overmarked female have an undermarked calf. 

They’re docile, great mothers, and if you use a commercial stock yard to market your calves, they can easily bring a premium. The meat flavor is the same as the white ones too!

NT Justine

She is just 4 years old. Has produced 4 calves. (twins, and 2 singles) Put her to work for you. AI bred to Ambassador. Here’s a cow due with a calf that can make a GREAT show project! $2750


  • Another example of a bred heifer. Not many come with this pattern. They are quite unique. In my experience, they tend to have white standard marked calves. She will be a 4+ frame size.


Daughter of Sonora, and sister to NT Cricket, BWCAA National Champion cow. This one’s a big frame 4.5+ 

We don’t see the smoky polls often but she’s a really nice standard marked heifer. BRED for 2020 to NT Speckl-D

NT Jasmin

  • 7 year old cow. She’ll teach you. 
  • She’s got a bull calf at side, and is bred back. 
  • Her mother was a show cow, Jasmin hasn’t been handled. She will work for you. Photo from August… NO FLIES! I don’t use fly repelent either. 
  • can you see the dapples of black skin under white hair? 

NT Future Rosella

Here’s a nice stock female for you. Talk to Hailey about this one. Plenty of black skin under the white hair. 


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