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British White SEMEN

British White Semen for Sale

Bulls We count on! Developed for grass, our bulls are bred to work and maintain themselves under tough conditions. Offspring of these bulls need less inputs, opening channels for profitability for you!

“Length is an optical illusion seen in cattle that lack depth.

The space between the belly and the ground does not weigh anything and don’t add meat on your plate.”

Please contact us via email or phone to order.

We currently have all bulls only certified for USA shipping at this time. If you wish to invest in exporting, call to discuss the fees and protocol.

Available straws are listed below each bull.

Note to Semen Buyers who wish to register offspring:


All registration is with the British White Cattle Association of America, LTD. We are not associated with any other organization. Our bulls cross well with other breeds. If you wish to register calves, applications should be sent to the BWCAA at

NT Sundancer 107Z

  • Sire NT Excel
  • Dam NT Lorali
  • $25/ straw     25 straws available *limited supply
  • BWCAA Reg #15731
  • BW  74
  • Average: Heifer wt 72 lbs
  • Bull calf wt 80 lbs
  • Excellent to reduce frame size on large frame cows. Produces LARGE REA offspring.

Alabama 476-7107-19L-TR

  • Pasture name: (Komando)

  • Sire Alabama Huck 12W

  • Dam AC Regis Bit O Honey

  • $12.50/ straw         100+ straws available *limited

  • BWCAA Reg # 16184

  • BW 67

  • Average: Heifer wt 65 lbs

  • Bull calf wt 69 lbs

  • Embryos available by this sire. Good for use on heifers. limited supply of semen.

Aurora Congo

  • Sire Halliburton Krackle

  • Dam Aurora Tina

  • $12.50/ straw        100+ Straws available *limited

  • BWCAA Reg # 12893

  • BW 78

  • Average: Heifer wt 68 lbs

  • Bull calf wt 71 lbs

  • Don’t overlook this bull. He is big, powerful, and makes feminine females too. Can be used on heifers.

B&B Bonanza

  • Sire B&B Leggacy

  • Dam RH3E

  • $20.00/ straw        100+ Straws available *limited

  • BWCAA Reg # 6047

  • BW 85

  • Average: Heifer wt 74 lbs

  • Bull calf wt 78 lbs

  • He sired 2 of the widest frame females known in the breed.  Grand sire to RH Snowman.  Ashton’s Dam is also some relation to Bonanza. Can be used on bigger frame heifers.


Pedigree: We have provided the dam and sire of each bull for you under each bull’s photo.

All bulls are Purebred to Fullblood.

All Bulls available have been our own trusted herd sires. We know what they produce, and how they perform to the final meat or as cows.

Bulls are collected as seasoned bulls, after we have proven them.

For best settling results of your British White females, make sure they are fed a high quality loose mineral and salt (with selenium) for at least 3 months prior to breeding heifers or 6 months prior to breeding on cows. Breed them before they are out of standing heat. 8-12 hours after they start to stand is about ideal. That’s when the bull breeds them! If you wish to have a higher conception with less repeats, breed cow a second time 24 hours after first breeding can increase conception. Consult your vet before using an off sync program, Cidr’s, lute, and cystorelin.

When doing Embryo Transfer, consult a embryologist vet to get the correct protocol and have the correct equipment on hand. Your regular AI rep can place the embryos with a couple minutes phone consultation.

 There is NO EPD program at this time for the breed. 

RH Snowman

  • Sire Halliburton Rocky NC71
  • Dam LR RH Sugarae
  • $20/ straw        15 straws available *limited supply

  • BWCAA Reg # 7790

  • BW 72

  • Average: Heifer wt 70 lbs

  • Bull calf wt 72 lbs

  • Great heifer bull. He had naturally bred a lot of cows also.

NT Ambassador 101Y

  • Sire Cave Creek Top Notch
  • Dam NT Jolee
  • Sold Out
  • BWCAA Reg # 14475
  • BW 67
  • Average: Heifer wt 72 lbs
  • Bull calf wt 78 lbs
  • Need to add a frame size, or some thickness and power to your females, consider an Ambassador son… 2020 bulls available by this grand bull.

NT Bon Ashton

  • Sire NT Bonus Progress
  • Dam NT Alise
  • $25/ straw        100+ Straws Available *limited
  • BWCAA Reg #15782
  • BW 74
  • Average: Heifer wt 72 lbs
  • Bull calf wt 74 lbs
  • Previously used as an outcross bull in a Charolais herd, his influence of meat quality had feed yard buyers begging for more. His calves on Charolais heifers started out 72-74 lbs and weaned at 680+ consistently, with no creep. Ashon’s mother is a great cow, still producing whopper calves at age 13.

 if you are SEMEN:

  • Shipped semen sells in 5 straw lots. Pick up on farm can be single straws.
  • Shipping is arranged thru Hawkeye Breeders Service  Adel,  Iowa. *** For shipping estimates please contact Hawkeye Breeders directly.***
  • Semen must be paid in full prior to being released. Credit cards accepted.
  • There are no volume discounts for semen on bulls that are no longer being collected. *limited* will appear after bulls straw quantity.


  • #1 embryos available. Prices based on pairing.
  • American Fullbloods (Speckles/ Komando)
  • Purebreds Contact us for availability
  • To purchase a flush to a female, make your request by May 1. All flushes must be completed between May and Aug 1.  

  • Send name and address, email or text number, quantity requested per bull and payment*  *buyers are responsible for all transaction fees when using credit card or paypal options
  • Semen will be released in a timely manner (typically within 24 hours of payment)
  • YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SHIPPING AND ALL COSTS OF SHIPPING if not picking up at the farm. Any semen that is only held at the farm may incur additional shipping to get it to Iowa to be shipped to you if you are not picking it up in person.
  • You will receive a confirmation and contact info for Hawkeye Breeders to arrange shipping
  • Hawkeye Breeders will ship semen to you
  • Transfer semen to your tank immediately upon arrival
  • Hawkeye Breeders will “call back” the return on the shipper tank


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