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Calves for sale:

In just a few short weeks my message box will begin to blow up with requests for calves. 
Baby calves! That’s right!

Here’s the thing. I have raised well over 1000 calves (approaching 2000), and only 2 times in 20 years did a calf require a bottle.

IF a calf requires a bottle, it WILL be managed until a time it gets a mother cow. Then it will be raised by said cow until it is an age/ size it can properly and efficiently survive on it’s own. It will be placed in our feeder cattle program, and properly finished for beef. The end.

While I appreciate your interest in our cattle, let it be for the reasons that we always raise them naturally, and with the calf’s best interest in mind. 
For the reasons that we follow humane practices and have calves raised on the cow. 
For the reasons we aren’t culling the cow for disease or attitude and “dumping” the calf to be someone else’s problem. 
For the reasons we are ethical and strongly believe in our management and selection protocols.

When you see a “FOR SALE” on a calf, know it was an adequate age and size to be weaned from its mother, it was properly vaccinated, wormed, and humanely weaned. Then managed to be happy and grow.

“cheap” isn’t something you want involved with your cattle. “quality” is!

Pictured: a random calf that is in the pasture with his mother at then time of photo.
We calve our cows nearest the longest day of the year. Beginning May 10-15 for about 60 days. We feel calving on green grass gives our calves the healthiest start, and gives them an edge on performance that has made our cattle quite efficient, and able to express their full genetic potential. We follow the motto :”just because other people do it, doesn’t mean it’s the only way”