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While today’s farms and ranches are just as much a ladies business as a man’s. Certainly you have read up on us, and already know that we are not all fluffy and cuddles with our “cow babies”. I even struggle to find words that describe how cattle are classified by a portion of the population.

While I do love my cattle, they are very much COWS, bulls, steers, calves, food, and a far cry from anything that resembles a poodle. (I know you chuckled a little)

I was raised on a dairy farm, just down the road, I saw many births, and helplessly watched cows die, helped butcher more chickens than I can count, and we processed our own pork every year. I was never blinded by farming’s real side. I was out there pitching bales in 100 degree heat, and I was carrying pails of hot water with my dad when it was -30 and a waterer was frozen.

I get all that every rancher does to do what they do! I feel we have it easy here, we don’t have to drive 2 miles to find the herd in a snow storm, and we have a small run down barn to use when we need it. While I don’t have a million dollar facility, we do feel we have used what we have to make a herd of cattle to be proud of.

It has been years since anyone has called about cattle and asked to “talk to my husband”. As you have done your research, you already know there isn’t one of those here, and if you are a gentlemen, you already know you will be dealing with a lady (that’s me). And that’s OK! I speak your language, and I too, know that cattle business, is business.

We do business for profit like most cattlemen and women, at least that’s the hope at the end of the day. Without that ideal, and mentality, we might be ‘poodle breeders’.

If you are here with your girlfriend or wife, because she wants a “cute cow” that’s fine, let’s show her a cute cow that will make money at the same time! There’s nothing wrong with a gift cow that makes money!

Now I know that a poodle puppy runs about $500, the vet and everything you’ll spend another $500, then food and treats add about $.50/ day for the next 13 years. With a “pet cow” that makes money, you get your investment back plus you have something good to eat! You and your sweetie both win!

An added bonus, the cow won’t be sleeping on your side of the bed, and eating your shoes! It will sleep in the pasture or yard, and mow the lawn for you. The fertilizer spreader on the back will save you that job as well. And the joy your sweet gal gets as she helps you run the cows thru the chute, she will anticipate “her cow” coming in and getting to say a warm “hello” as her cow contributes to the family fund. She also probably overlooks your grumbling when she missed cutting that high headed black calf, and when you need her to open the gate, she’s there because her cow is getting fed too.

You really don’t mind having 1 white calf, since you need one for the freezer anyway, and the Jones’ next door won’t know it was a white one on the plate when she invites them to dinner after working cows.

Working with the ladies isn’t so bad, now is it?

If this cow’s for you, gentlemen, don’t worry, they really are “chic magnets” and you will have a grand pride in showing the ladies on your section that one white cow or many in your pasture with pride. She will appreciate your loving heart to have a beautiful cow, that makes you money, and feeds the family.

Maybe your ‘chic’ is your daughter, like mine were. Mine are still involved today. They love the cattle, and the positive experiences that they grew up having that gave them a true and sincere interest in agriculture, and the business side of agriculture. Some gifts really are priceless.