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Dare to Dream, Dream BIG, and put your money to work!

Over 20 years ago I began my research to find some beef cattle to start my own herd of registered cattle. It had been a long dream of mine. I had no idea that my attraction to the white heifers in my dad’s dairy herd would stay with me until I found these beautiful white beef cattle, almost by accident.

With the market at the time becoming “all about black”, these were nothing but the polar opposite, color wise! Snow white, with the distinct black ears, nose, eyes, feet… my dad said I was nuts.

I love my dad with all my heart, but I didn’t agree. I had been to some herds and saw little more than the tails of black cattle running over the far hill. I saw herefords, and the stories of prolapse, foot issues, pinkeye, and cancer eye… sorry, not for me.

The list of breeds, and stories went on and on. I interviewed people I knew, visited stock yards, and was mostly disappointed. I didn’t want to ‘settle’ for a breed of cattle.

The right kind of cattle for me

As you may have noted, I had figured out quickly what I didn’t want. So what did I want?

  1. a trouble free kind of cow
  2. something docile. I had little kids!
  3. meat quality! I was planning to eat them, and share with my friends!
  4. marketability. I had to think about how I planned to market what I was going to produce.
  5. longevity. I was thinking about my long term goals, I was only 20 at that time. I had a lot to think about!
  6. enjoyability. If I wasn’t going to enjoy having cattle, why waste my money or time

Maybe there’s some things you’d add to this list? and please note, color was not a criteria!

It was easy for me to take on something a little more challenging since I had many years of cattle experience before we got our British White beef cattle. I know that’s not always the case for first generation farmers. And you’d be surprised the number of stories I hear from people who bought ‘inexpensive’ bottle calves, or had come off a ranch and are simply tired of the struggle.

That #6 is sometimes the most important thing!

For over 20 years I have truly enjoyed raising my herd. There’s been few times I have ever doubted my decision.

Here’s to hoping you find the right breed for you. If it might be British White cattle, let me know! I’d be happy to help you get started!