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NT Deanna and her June 2020 bull calf sired by Diamond Wreath Blue Cash

My Fall 2020 Gallery is some pick of 5-6 month old calves. They are sired by NT Ambassador, Diamond Wreath Blue Cash, NT Speckl-D, TR Regis Progress, and NT Sundancer

They are kinda wooly this year due to strong winds in September and October
This heifer is pending DNA verification of parentage by NT Bon Ashton
Dam of this one is 13 years old. She can still grow a calf!
Another Cash heifer calf
nice prospect
younger heifer calf
add some chrome. We only see this sort of pattern every few years. it’s cool when it happens Blue Blanket Don Mclain sired.
The 1/4 Jersey calf from my family milk cow (for beef only)
more fluff and muscle
Makin’ ’em White again, black cows are not common, but do happen. Most have white calves every year.
some bunk feed their calves, we offer creep hay. They eat about 5 lbs a head a day
This cute one has a red pointed mother
Heifer with bull calf
Another young cow with bull calf.
Hair is deceiving on this calf. He is only 5 months old. and really growing
Heifer calf from a 16 year old cow

There is definitely too many to photo them all, but it is fun to take photos when I can. I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of our calves