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Coming in 2021…

*More Semen options

*Proven Growth Ability

*Proven Docility

*Proven Meat Quality

Putting our best genetics forward, we are continuing to push our herd to the best they can be in all areas including but not limited to feed efficiency, growth ability on average to marginal grass, in average conditions to produce meat that is both tender, and well marbled, with a high meat ratio. While maintaining maternal traits, natural fly resistance, and fertility. Easy fleshing cattle that don’t require a feed bucket to perform in the real world.

British White cattle cross well for the conventional terminal market. They can produce a REA that is appealing to the restaurant market, as well as for the home griller’s tail gating without excessive waste or trimming.

When you bite into a British White Brisket sandwich, you can readily identify the wonderful flavor that the breed is known for. Consumers love great flavor. Not all breeds can satisfy that need.

British White cattle from RHCC thrive in all climates from Arizona and California to Nova Scotia Canada. Florida to BC.

Contact Christina to purchase females, bulls or frozen assets like semen and embryos.