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We would like to invite all of our former cattle and semen customers to join our E-newsletter.

While I’m always as busy as a bee, We know how important continued connections are. You can sign up right here on our website.

Our herd is a constant evolving group of PUREBRED and registered cattle. We have not only consulted the experts, but have had them on our ranch to help us bring out the best. Is that assurance of quality? I would like to hope so.

We don’t rely on DNA testing. We don’t rely on EPD’s. (educated guesses on a pool of cattle that may likely not reflect 100% of anything) We do rely on what we have in the real time, actual, physical subject animal.

We also don’t rely on a feed bucket to “bait, treats”, or whatever to make sure our animals have never endured any challenges. Overfed cattle are going to show what they can do, but there’s no guarantee that they can do it in a drought, flood, or in the time of pests and parasites.

I know some companies (other breeds included) each have their own way to do things. Our e-newsletters will further draw into our practices and non-practices.

We will personally add you to the list. Verifying that you do in fact own cattle produced from our ranch. Which is one of the perk’s to our long standing “service after the sale”.

Email Christina at to be added to our verified breeder list. Commercial, or purebred, if you own cattle, or embryos you bought directly from us, or have bought semen from us, you are invited!

Tell me who you have and what year you acquired them.