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What all happens before we collect a bull?

Our preferred method is as follows.

A bull calf must do a lot right here from birth to be considered as a breeding bull. After he proves his own abilities to grow and develop, and pass all fertility and structure evaluations, we give them the next test. We prove our bulls. We breed a range of cows/ heifers and make sure his calves will perform in our herd.

Then we eat some. How is the beef? We just gotta know.

Then we will see about collection of the top end bulls.

Ashton is the newest herd sire in our lineup. Ashton was sired by NT Bonus Progress. And NT Alise. Alise is now 12 years old, and still a strong producer. She’s done a lot right to prove herself. Ashton’s sisters are really great females. They follow in the family’s footsteps of producing top notch stock.

Looking back at Bonus, and Ashton’s siblings, all have made their mark in our herd.

Ashton worked as a heifer bull on charolais heifers. His calves weighed up very well!

Ashton weighed up over 2000 lbs. With a moderate frame 4. He’s been great to work with, and never shook his head at anyone. He is a bull to check out if you are looking for some new blood for your herd.