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2020 herd bull prospect NT Gentlemen 310H


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Gentlemen is an early shedding, very thick, sure footed, very good growing bull. Expected mature size 1700-1900 lbs. Frame 4.5-5 size estimate. 78# birth weight use him on cows.

Reg #20363 He is sired by Diamond Wreath Blue Cash, His Dam is NT Gretchen.

Gentlemen is thick, deep, masculine, and has a little more size all around. He MIGHT get scurs. he doesn’t currently show them. There are no scurrs in his bloodline on either side some generations back.

A scur is a horn like growth not attached to the skull. It can peel like a finger nail, or fall off. We don’t see them often and are extremely rare in females.

No extra speckles on this bull. Straight up standard markings, just like his mother.

** All registered bulls are sold with a breeding guarantee.

We guarantee our bulls to pass a semen test their first breeding season when they reach at least 15 months of age or when they are deemed big enough to test by a vet. If a bull fails to pass a semen test within the first 45 days of the breeding season once he is big enough, we will replace him. Buyer is responsible for testing expense, and any transport or vet expenses. We reserve the right to prove any bull a breeder before the exchange is made. Place yearling bulls with up to 15 cows his first season, 2 year old bulls up to 25 cows.