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Bull NT Boxer Red 330J


Birth weight 68 lbs



Dam NT NT Brayle 330A Reg#21230
Sire SC Copy That Birth Weight 68 lbs

DNA profiled, he’s got proven genetics for maternal and meat quality.
330J is RED POINTED Standard markings. There is more red genetics behind this bull, he has good potential to make red pointed offspring
He would be a good option for a any herd, registered or commercial. With good growth genetics, he is worth a look for your herd.

Additional Notes:
Bovine Engineer Steve Campbell visited my herd and noted Brayle as one of me 3 best cows. This is a special opportunity to own some really solid genetics. She is a grand daughter of Halliburton Royalty. Also known as Tank. She is a tank of a cow. And is a full sister to National Champion NT Baylee. This cow family has been a good calving ease bunch.