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Bull NT Sherwood 56J


Birth weight 78 lbs



Dam NT Jolana 56E Reg#21223
Sire SC Copy That Birth Weight 78 lbs

DNA profiled, he’s got proven genetics for maternal and meat quality.
56J is Standard marked with both standard marked parents, grand parents on both sides. He sired 2 calves that were born last November. He was about 7-8 months old when he bred the cows
He would be a good option for a any herd, registered or commercial. With good growth and fertility genetics, he is worth a look for your herd.

Other disclosure notes: 56J has a scar from a condition called “Fly Strike” he sustained as a newborn calf. He sells that way, He is continuing to heal from the calf hood injury. It does not affect his ability to do his job, it is NOT genetic, and will not pass on. He handles the summer fine, and is very interested in the females!