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Black hair British White cows


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The desire to be able to send feeder cattle to the sale barn and get a premium, or outcross with gentle farmstead cows may lead you to wishing British Whites came in Black.
They do. While the color is not super common, it does in fact happen, is considered part of the breed standard colors, even in fullbloods. We have a few, and will offer them if you are so inclined to be more concerned about the marketability than the hide color. pick and choose price is 2350 a head or see how to same more and get a better deal on a herd of them.

Offering a Herd buy of 26 head as a group with a $750 credit toward a 2020 bull or 60 day lease of a bull for this herd. No picking and choosing with this offer. Total price is $60k. 13 are cows, balance are heifers. only a hand full are over 6 years old.