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Semen Aurora Congo


5 straw bundle

American Fullblood British White Reg # ###93



Congo served as our herd bull 2 seasons before he went to work at another farm at age 9. He has been used on heifers, and cows alike. His calves have more leg, and are born with them. We calved about 80-100 to natural matings, all born unassisted. We have used him via AI with similar results. Congo weighed right at a ton when we collected him.


5 Straw lot of semen at $75 Shipping is buyers expense, and thru the collection facility in Iowa. Limited supply available.

Limited supply remaining

To reduce handling of straws, we only sell in 5 straw bundles. We prefer to preserve the integrity of every straw to it’s most optimal level. When we AI to Congo at our ranch, we had a 95% settle rate on 1 attempt AI with 105% calf crop.