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When I think of cows, I think of swishing tails. Having grown up on a dairy farm, before the days of docking tails became a thing, and now not allowed, I recall getting my share of slaps in the face with wet and dry tails. I ate my share of crap and pee and had my eyes flushed too many times to count.

Can you relate?

Dad had to clip the tails with a borrowed clippers from the creamery. Then we got slapped with a club instead of the wet broom. Anyway, how does this relate to British White cattle?

I have noticed how little my cows swish their tail, being white (some are black) those white cows seem to be more comfortable. But another place we get close to that tail is when we handle our cows in the chute.

Those tails are evaluated because a cow with a tail that has lots of “tail butter” like ear wax looking substance on the skin near the switch of the tail, those cows have more butterfat production than ones that lack the tail butter.

This is shared education from

I have known Gerald Fry and Steve Campbell for some time, and they are quite well versed in the field. I honor and respect their observations and knowledge, I recommend attending any speaking engagement offered by them.

Having put into practice what I have learned, I have increased the efficiency of my herd significantly over 20 years, which has translated to an even better group of animals to offer in the future.

Cattle is my BUSINESS, not a hobby. But if Hobby cattle are for you, these will make sure that you will have a hobby that is enjoyable and more profitable too.