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Commercial and Registered British White Beef Cattle & Semen


The oldest herd of 100% Minnesota Bred British White Cattle.


Gourmet British White Beef, Mangalitsa Pork, Chicken, Goose, Duck, Lamb, Turkey.


We raise meat protein the way we all ought to eat it!


Commercial and Registered British White Beef Cattle & Semen

The oldest herd of 100% Minnesota Bred British White Cattle.


Grassfed Speckled Park Genetics

Avon, Minnesota.




Gourmet British White Beef, Berkshire Pork, Chicken, Goose and Duck.

We raise meat protein the way we all ought to eat it!

Minnesota’s Premier Producers of Simply Better Beef Genetics

Superior Grass-Based Genetics for Commercial, Registered, and American Fullblood British White Beef Cattle

Gentle Disposition

Efficient & Trouble Free

Naturally Polled

Excellent Milk Production

High Fertility

Growth & Hardiness

Easy Calving

Superior Flavor & Tenderness

Are British White Cattle right for you?


British Whites are a calm and easy going cow.   They are unlikely to be “cross” at calving time, or anytime.

British Whites have their natural flavor, as wel as use their high intelligence and instincts.   They have not been selectively bred for single traits.

British Whites excel in a feedlot and in the pasture. There’s something for everyone.

British Whites are naturally Polled. (NO horns)

British Whites are very fertile, and have a great unassisted live calf ratio.

British White heifers and cows mother up to their calves, orphans are extremely rare, and nearly unheard of. 

Cows give a generous amount of milk in a well attached, high placed, not over sized udder. Udders and teats stay tight and compact through their entire life which can easily be 20+ years.

British White Cattle are considered efficient and trouble free as they are both feed efficient, and seldom become ill or need to be treated for many common ailments.

Structurally, British White cattle haven’t been developed for the show ring or as pets. They have been developed for rugged beef production. Additionally, they are quite enjoyable for youth and adults to show.

Rolling Hills Cattle Company has something for everyone!



What is affordable for your herd bull?

I was listening to Kit Pharo's podcast about assessing bull value to a producer. He had a few key points I thought to share. The herd bull is 50% of your herd. And influences 100% of the offspring. The average bulls 1:3 only last 1 breeding season before they fail....

Will You look under their tail?

Why on earth would anyone want to look under a calf's tail? Other than to see if it's a bull or heifer calf. Let's investigate the concept, and why! Escutcheons Is today's subject! First lets look at a few... then we will talk about it! Every animal has one, they are...

Knowledge is Power

Have you ever felt that knowledge is power? How do you convert that knowledge to power? It takes some drive to get out there and seek the knowledge to be successful. It takes confidence to teach it. Cows teach their calf to find the right foods, how to survive in the...

HAPPY 2021!

Ready, Set, Go! Coming in 2021... *More Semen options *Proven Growth Ability *Proven Docility *Proven Meat Quality Putting our best genetics forward, we are continuing to push our herd to the best they can be in all areas including but not limited to feed efficiency,...

Fall 2020 gallery

NT Deanna and her June 2020 bull calf sired by Diamond Wreath Blue Cash My Fall 2020 Gallery is some pick of 5-6 month old calves. They are sired by NT Ambassador, Diamond Wreath Blue Cash, NT Speckl-D, TR Regis Progress, and NT Sundancer They are kinda wooly this...

Why you shouldn’t “settle” for less

One of our Heifer bulls When bull shopping do you know what you are looking for? Some people look for a male animal that's not neutered. That DOES NOT make him a BULL! That may make him a "cow settler", IF he does his job. For even a terminal market, that really isn't...

RHCC Cattle Customers

We would like to invite all of our former cattle and semen customers to join our E-newsletter. While I'm always as busy as a bee, We know how important continued connections are. You can sign up right here on our website. Our herd is a constant evolving group of...

More about Cattle Sale Preparation

Previously we talked about fitting, and getting animals clean, fitted, and without distracting backgrounds. While this photo isn't ideal, the pose it very attractive, from a different angle (perpendicular to him) this would be a great pose. Your Jobs before an Auction...


I often wonder how many people get caught in a #8 trap when it comes to bulls. This time of year bull sales are on every single farm related flier. The bulls are usually dirty tailed, which to me says ‘he’s been fed REAL GOOD!’ For the last—- who knows how long. The...

The British White Temperament

With calving season just beginning, the thought comes to mind on cow temperament. The "here kitty, kitty" cow Most seasoned cattlemen have seen them. Those cows that you have to use 3 tractors and 8’ panels to catch and tag the calf to have a remote chance without...

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